Maxime Seveleu-Dubrovnik

Affiliation: FIAS, ENS (cf. below)
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Projects in linguistics

1 Persian language, Hebrew

Preparation for printing of the seminars on Persian language at ENS and FIAS (2016).

French edition of the work حمید فروخ‎ «ما فارسی بلدیم».

Workshops on Semitic Syntax and Morphology (materials 2012—2018)

Materials preparation and tagging for the séminaire d’ouverture linguistique (section d’hébreu) at ENS — 1) ‎הורוויץ‎ 2) ‏אורה קוץ

2 Belarusan and other slavic

Belarusan didactics

Simple Belarusan texts for Belarusan language learners, also in latin. (Mistakes persist, images mal-assorted).

Belarusan Arabic script.

→ Providing for wider usage of the Belarusan Latin script (while conserving the primacy of the Cyrillic script) through publishing / printing / constituting corpora of Belarusan Latin-script content. Making accessible in Latin script main Belarusan culture-forming works. 1) Belarusan Latin texts for learners, 2) The official (23.08.2008) Belarusan Orthography Rules applied to the standard (23.11.2000) Belarusan Latin alphabet.


Organization of the séminaire des études slaves, preparing Russian-language didactic materials for the Glagolitic script. First take — «Winnie-the-Pooh» in Glagolitic. As soon as « Le petit corpus de textes russes » par Hardt appears, its translation into Glagolitic.

3 Language planning

How (not) to defibrillate a language. Persian and Hebrew examples from the 19 c.

How (not) to defibrillate a language—2. The Case of Malay language face to Globalization.


→ Translating the nonfiction works of Herbert G. Wells into Belarusan and then Russian.

→ Translating Persian masterpieces into Belarusan.

→ Esperanto: building a website «The Esperanto langauge» (in Belarusian). Preparation of the short Esperanto anthology of Belarusian texts.

Articles, papers

Inchoative-causative alternation in Persian, M.Seveleu-Dubrovnik. Middle-Eastern languages and linguistic theory, 2015 (pp. 89—97), G.Lang, B.Simons (editors). Keywords: COS verbs, change of state, causative, inchoative, transitive.

Encoding of the TAM features during predication in the verbless Biblical Hebrew phrases, with contrast from Arabic. M.Seveleu-Dubrovnik, dissertation, 2017. Keywords: minimalist approach, TAM features (tense, aspect, mode), copula, verbless, beth essentiae, absolute infinitive, movement, existentials.


Trasianka, a Belarusan-Russian vernacular registerZosima’s wanderings to BrahminsCentum and SatemBelarusan Folk SongsBelarusian IT-terminologyLearning Arabic, why’s it taking so long?

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Re­sear­cher at FIAS Paris. Pro­jects in lin­guis­tics: Sla­vic, Middle-Eas­tern lan­gua­ges. PhD (2017), for­mer stu­dent (élève) at École Normale (2010—14).

Edi­tor at Vodary Paris (li­te­ra­tures of the world pub­lished in ori­gi­nal).

Identity names: Максим Севелев-Дубровник, Максім Севелеў-Дуброўнік, Maxime Seveleu-Dubrovnik
Maxime Seveleu-Dubrovnik - Maxime Seveleu-Dubrovnik