Maxime Seveleu-Dubrovnik

Affiliation: FIAS, ENS (cf. below)
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Projects in linguistics

1 Persian language, Hebrew

Preparation for printing of the seminars on Persian language at ENS and FIAS (2016).

French edition of the work حمید فروخ‎ «ما فارسی بلدیم».

Workshops on Semitic Syntax and Morphology (materials 2012—2018)

Materials preparation and tagging for the séminaire d’ouverture linguistique (section d’hébreu) at ENS — 1) ‎הורוויץ‎ 2) ‏אורה קוץ

Initiative to write Persian language with Latin script — section at FIAS.

2 Belarusan and other slavic

Three Belarusan scripts

Belarusan texts. Test texts to probe Belarusan writing systems (кір, łat, اراب). (Mistakes persist, images mal-assorted).

Standardizing Belarusan Arabic script.

→ Providing for wider usage of the Belarusan Latin script (while conserving the primacy of the Cyrillic script) through publishing / printing / constituting corpora of Belarusan Latin-script content. Making accessible in Latin script main Belarusan culture-forming works. 1) Belarusan Latin texts for learners, 2) The official (23.08.2008) Belarusan Orthography Rules applied to the standard (23.11.2000) Belarusan Latin alphabet.

→ Finalizing administrative documents (AFNIL, ISSN @ BNF) for the Belarusan series at the Éditions Vodary Paris, to be able to print books in Belarusan language.


Organization of the séminaire des études slaves, preparing Russian-language didactic materials for the Glagolitic script. First take — «Winnie-the-Pooh» in Glagolitic. As soon as « Le petit corpus de textes russes » par Hardt appears, its translation into Glagolitic.

3 Language planning

How (not) to defibrillate a language. Persian and Hebrew examples from the 19 c.

How (not) to defibrillate a language—2. The Case of Malay language face to Globalization.


→ Translating the nonfiction works of Herbert G. Wells into Belarusan and then Russian.

→ Translating Persian masterpieces into Belarusan.

Articles, papers

Inchoative-causative alternation in Persian, M.Seveleu-Dubrovnik. Middle-Eastern languages and linguistic theory, 2015 (pp. 89—97), G.Lang, B.Simons (editors). Keywords: COS verbs, change of state, causative, inchoative, transitive.

Encoding of the TAM features during predication in the verbless Biblical Hebrew phrases, with contrast from Arabic. M.Seveleu-Dubrovnik, dissertation, 2017. Keywords: minimalist approach, TAM features (tense, aspect, mode), copula, verbless, beth essentiae, absolute infinitive, movement, existentials.


Trasianka, a Belarusan-Russian vernacular registerZosima’s wanderings to BrahminsCentum and SatemBelarusan Folk SongsBelarusian IT-terminologyLearning Arabic, why’s it taking so long?

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Re­sear­cher at FIAS Paris. Pro­jects in lin­guis­tics: Sla­vic, Middle-Eas­tern lan­gua­ges; lan­guage plan­ning. PhD (2017), for­mer stu­dent (élève) at École Normale (2010—14).

FIAS’s edi­to­ri­al board member | pub­li­shing edi­tor un­der the im­print Vodary Paris (li­te­ra­tures of the world pub­lished in ori­gi­nal) and it’s foun­der | con­tent of­fi­cer of the Be­la­ru­san sec­tion of the OAR Initiative.

Identity names: Максим Севелев-Дубровник, Максім Севелеў-Дуброўнік, Maxime Seveleu-Dubrovnik
Maxime Seveleu-Dubrovnik - Maxime Seveleu-Dubrovnik